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The smartest Personal Nano-Tech Air Purifier, featuring a Removable Air Tracker to improve your Health

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Improves Your Health

Breathing clean air decreases the risk of allergies and asthma, improves sleep quality, concentration and much more.

Nano-Tech Filtration

Patent-pending Nano filtering technology destroys pollutants, bacteria, germs, mould spores and much, much more.

Air Quality Tracker

The removable tracker helps you to avoid pollution hotspots whilst you’re walking, running and cycling.

Purifier. Tracker. Hybrid.

A purifier that eliminates pollutants indoors. A removable tracker that helps you avoid pollution hotspots outdoors. Improving your health indoors and out.

Perfect for your office, studio or bedroom

No replaceable filters, save £££

Eliminates pollutants

Sensor Array

The MATR Tracker contains an array of sensors tracking gases (VOCs), temperature, pressure & humidity. VOCs are released from burning fuel such as gasoline, wood, coal, or natural gas.

Round Display

View your air quality straight from the device. Save your phone battery for the more important tasks!

Leather Strap

You can keep the tracker anywhere you like, strap it to your satchel or handbag, or put it in your rucksack or jacket pocket… as long as it isn’t in an airtight bag the tracker can pick up whats in the air around you.

Filtration Indicator

Choose between automatic or manual control with 4 different filtration strengths. Change the strength straight from the app or the button on the back.

Air Intake

The MATR purifier has been designed meticulously with fluid dynamics in mind with a patent-pending filtration method.


The MATR Purifier contains an internal VOC sensor to detect air quality. When the tracker is docked, the purifier makes use of the additional sensors to fine tune the filtration levels whilst in auto mode.

Wireless Charging

The MATR Tracker features wireless charging technology allowing for a visually seamless design.

Wide Sensor Array

Measures 7 environmental conditions, helping you to make healthy changes. 

Smart Home

Fits perfectly into your smart home, compatible with Amazon Echo & Google Home

Actionable Tips

Make changes. Improve your environment. Get healthier.

Personal Filtration

Perfect for your desk, in a bedroom, or a studio apartment!

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Learn about your environments both indoors and out and make changes that have a real impact on your health whether it’s about the air quality or your daily sunlight. Just like eating healthy food, breathing healthy air has a significant bearing on our health.

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