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MATR Announced Shell Livewire Finalist

MATR has been selected as a finalist in the Shell Livewire competition. This incredible competition allows young entrepreneurs to have a chance at winning an incredible £5k. But what could it really mean for us here at MATR?

Well… we’re on a mission to tackle air pollution, an issue that causes 7 million premature deaths annually. We turned to innovation & found a solution, we’re now on a mission to share that unique solution. We’re looking to expand our technology to aid & assist by creating products that not only tackle indoor air pollution but also helps users to learn about outdoor air quality; we’re all about changing habits & improving health.

Looking forward, the £5,000 would allow us to continue development of the product however it means much, much more than just this. It would also allow us to raise awareness of the product and issue, and help us to get it into the hands of people that need it most. MATR is perfectly suited to those living with respiratory issues but can also seriously help those that don’t, ultimately it’s like eating healthy food – good air quality is proven to improve health, increase concentration, improve sleep and reduce allergies. Let’s #maketheinvisiblevisible because everyone deserves to breathe clean air.

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